Some Time and Numbers


Don’t you think some Japanese textbooks are too…’information-overload’? Collecting the pieces of information is what I’m doing right now. See this? I got it from another amazing website I’ve just discovered! It’s super hard and actually pretty advanced for ‘basics’, so memorizing the whole thing from that is not a clever way of learning. So I only focused on this section. I memorized 1-10. Cool huh? How about you? Jiayou, everyone!

Nothing belongs to me! It belongs to this helpful site. Check it out! I really have fallen in love with it. It’s so clear, crisp, clean, slick, informative ❤ link




{For times, the hour is the number followed by 時 (じ), and the minutes are the number followed by 分 (ぷん or ふん, depending on the preceding number) From 1-10, there is a pattern of the usage of ぷん andふん. This pattern repeats for the higher digit numbers as well. }

Differentiating between ぷん andふん…

~{Having ふん}~

2 [skip 3], 5 [skip1], 7[skip1], 9

Minute Kanji  Hiragana
01:00  一分  いっぷん
02:00  二分  にふん
03:00  三分  さんぷん
04:00  四分  よんぷん
05:00  五分 ごふん
06:00  六分  ろっぷん
07:00  七分  ななふん
08:00  八分  はっぷん
09:00  九分  きゅうふん
10:00  十分  じゅっぷん

Irregular ones from 時 (じ)

04:00  四時  よじ

09:00  九時  くじ


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