Mastering Hiragana


Hiragana is SO EASY, and fun.

After you’ve memorized the characters, read Japanese articles. Pick out the hiragana characters, skipping kanji and katakana. And then…POOF, you’ve mastered it! Don’t worry too much if you keep forgetting a character; you’ll definitely remember it by more practice!

I just read articles from Girls Channel or from this news site. Girls Channel looks less boring, if that helps 😉

This groupi is full of Hiragana-related things.



Credits: This list below is from textfugu! Amazingly helpful it is; I will further introduce you roots and stems to it later.

い-Column + い – examples: いい、きい、しい、じい

う-Column + う – examples: くう、じゅう、にゅう、りゅう、ふう

え-Column + え – examples: ええ

お-Column + う – examples: おう、こう、そう、とう、じょう、りょう、ぞう、どう、もう

*お-Column + お – examples: おお、とお

*Sometimes お-column kana can be extended with お as well (though you’ll see う extending お-column kana more often).


So sometimes, there are exceptions and weird this-and-thats in Hiragana. So here it is, my listi.

: sometimes when ‘u’ is in a word, it is dropped. What? Why? I don’t know either. For example, ‘desu’. It’s pronounced ‘dez’ instead of ‘de-sue’. Let’s keep this in mind for now!