Pre-Conversation Basics


Conversations? Not yet! Shouldn’t we get some knowledge before the actual thing? Here are some basics I’d like to share! This is what I call collecting. We might hear it often, so it’s not that challenging. This is so we can build up the blocks bit by bit!



どうも有難う = standard but casual way [domoarigatou]

有難う/ありがとう = informal way [arigatou]

どうも = a bit more polite, in between formal and casual [domo]

有難う 御座います = super formal, i.e. thank you very much [arigatou gozaimasu]

P.S Wow, there are so many ways of saying ‘thankyou’. There are even more, but I’ve excluded them because it’s too advanced for us…right? 😀 Well, baby steps.

Credits: I typed what I learned from this wikihow article. Yep, sources are from everywhere!

It is _____

It is a banana = バナナです [banana desu]


こんにちわ= hello, good afternoon (greeting for during the daytime), 10am to 6am, not with family. [konnichiwa]


お母さんはどこですか = Where is your mother?