Useful Resources


You must be sitting there thinking how on earth this dumb carrot would actually help. Hmm, my job is not a tutor like the other learning Japanese blogs, but I like to collect it and absorb information like I do with rain water. What I post here are all things from other websites, but of course, some of my own knowledgeable knowledge. Although for now, as a baby carrot yet to come out of the ‘basics’ shell, I will rely on other wise men for the moment. Just like you, probably. Anyway, here’s the websites I’ve encountered (so far) that are really useful.

Come to this groupie (look at the ‘meet the carrot’ intro for definition) anytime, and look for you fave resource!


Japanese Dictionaries

textfugu : An online Japanese textbook. But this textbook is adorable, and is very ‘conversational’. Season 1, which basically teaches you hiragana and some ways of studying, is amazingly free. The other parts of the textbook are not though, but it’s worth it to pay. Those of you roots and stems who are having a hard time learning hiragana (unlike me, ha), should check it out. I learned hiragana the hard way, so 😛

jisho.org : There are so many functions for this: you can let it output romanji or not output romanji; you can make it only give the common words; you can search for example sentences and kanji.