Basic Grammar (Particles)



Basically I’ll add all particle-related stuff here. A groupie for me, is a post that keeps updating and updating, until I’ve mastered the post, i.e memorized the contents. I think I’ll have many different groupies, and many different groupies just for grammar.

I got this all from other websites. None of the info is by me. I’ll specify if it’s by me.

Alright, let me introduce you all to this helpful site to begin you japlers (japanese-learners): guidetojapanese.org! It’s really helpful, but of course I’m still roaming around looking for even better sites.


Particles are written in Hiragana. Pronunciation of particles 「は」 and 「へ」 are [wa] and [e], not [ha] and [he].

Particle は

Particle は indicates that the previous word is the main topic of the sentence.

Pronunciation of particle は is [wa], not [ha].

Particle へ

Particle へ indicates that the previous word is the destination of an action (like English “to”).

Pronunciation of particle へ is [e] (same as え), not [he].

Particle を

Particle を indicates that the previous word is the object of a verb.